Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So yesterday was quite the challenging day for my girl and I. I think it may be a little spring fever. Breakup is in full affect around here, and my little girl is itching to be in the outdoors. Combine that with a lazy pregnant Mama, and it's a recipe for disaster! ah! David got our bikes ready a couple weekends ago, so we've been on a few rides so far. There is still a bit of ice and slush on our favorite paths around our neighborhood though.
G. was begging me to take her on a bike ride or to the park after returning home from our errands and appts. yesterday. I was tired, hungry and in veg mode. She was being very pushy with what she wanted...well she pushed too much and after snapping the photos from the last post it culminated to a yelling match, and me making her cry! G. never usually requires a harsh word to get her to stop behaving a certain way, and it usually takes quite a lot to make me raise my voice at her...but yesterday was a different story... So I made my baby girl cry, and I felt just awful! We made up after Daddy came home...He was my savior! After I explained the stress of the afternoon, he hugged me and giggled at the frustrations. He had come home straight from PT (physical training) So he told G. "Well, you better get some shoes on before I get cleaned up!" He took her on a bike ride and to the park while I prepared dinner and mixed up some chocolate chip cookie batter...because they make everything better! (recipe *HERE*) I love my husband!!!

On to the hilarious comment G. made...
Later that night after our very busy, stressful eventful afternoon we were putting G. to bed. Our routine is to both say goodnight to her in her room, I say our nighttime prayer (David blesses the food at dinner) and we tuck her in together. As we were talking and cuddling, I started to scratch G.'s back and she was sighing in relief, when all of a sudden she blurts out "AHHH! I'll pay ya a penny in the morning!" I started laughing uncontrollably! So hysterical the things that come out of this little girl's mouth. It caught me by surprise! I had a great laugh and felt the tension of the afternoon just melt away! G. said she loved my laugh, and said she had never heard me laugh so hard. She said it was "a wonderful sound!" Ah, my girl...I love her to pieces!


  1. She is so funny !! I love it when the tensions of the day are washed away with laughter ! I'm glad that happened for you so that you didn't have to go to bed without having that special time between you and G. after such a frustrating day !!

  2. That is so sweet. Kids always know how to make us feel better even if it was them we were mad/frustrated/or stressed at. Sometimes we (mothers) just have to remember to smile or laugh. I know I need to remember a lot. :)


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