Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 15 - Photo-A-Day 2009

From 2009 Photo-A-Day

I can't seem to get out of my habit of procrastination. And I'm beginning to think I perform best under pressure. But, seeing as I have never performed under any other conditions, I don't know this for a fact...we may never know. :)
Alas, this is what my desk looked like around 3:00 this afternoon. I had this idea for the SPARKS craft tonight for weeks, but didn't get it all together until this afternoon. 3 hours before AWANA! ha! God has portioned out an extra dose of grace to me!
The SPARKS really liked this craft...and us leaders liked this craft too because it wasn't messy! :)

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  1. oh that's a super cool craft idea!! I should do that with my girls! what did you use for for clouds - is that just cut out of paper? I'm totally going to make these tomorrow with Sarah & Anna to put up in their rooms - LOVE this idea! And what a great reminder for kids (and all of us!) Thanks K!


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