Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 14 - Photo-A-Day 2009

From 2009 Photo-A-Day
I got an iPod Touch today! Woo! Hoo!
I LOVE gadgets!
Especially useful ones!
With a Touch, I can browse the internet (when wi-fi is available, of course) ...because updating your Facebook status on a Touch is what the cool kids do these days! :)
I have my contacts when I go to mail a package at the post office,
I have music or audio books when I'm cleaning, or knitting,
I can carry around some of my favorite pictures!
I can download movies for trips.
...Oh, the possibilities.
I already used the notes application for my grocery list today! No more post-it notes! :)
Saving paper! yay!


  1. Yu are going to love it! I got one after Christmas and now it goes everywhere with me. It is really nice when i am sitting at my sons indoor track meets waiting for it to be his turn I can get on it and check my e-mail and play with Facebook. It is great!
    I have not been liking the below 0 temps here but I bet it is a lot worse by you. Keep warm.

  2. You stink! didn't I tell you I wanted one of those!!!! cool you got one, it will come in handy for you....what GB is it?


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