Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sneak Peek - My Girl

Life's been pretty busy around here this Summer.
G. has had a week off of swimming, so we've been out of the house most days...busy shopping at thrift shops, book stores, etc.
This Thursday was our first pick up for our Summer farm share. Yummy... we picked up green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce (both very substantial in size!) arugula, and bok choy.
We will be partaking in much larger bounties as the season progresses.
I love our farm share, and look forward to all the yummy fresh organic produce each week!
Where we pick up our farm share there is an ice cream shop close by. It is only open in the Summer. I treated Gwyneth and myself to a scoop each. David was still at work, so it was just G. and I. G. had the white chocolate, and I had AK Blueberry (YUMM-Y!)
The ice cream was sort of a payment for G.
See I promised I would buy her ice cream if she would pose for some pictures for me! :o)
Yes, it has come to that...she is just so spirited and busy, she doesn't like to stop long enough for me to get pictures of her...
But this day I DID! This one was my instant favorite when I got home a viewed the images! The wind had picked up a little, and was blowing around this white fuzz...not sure what it was from, but it looked like snow! I'll share more later...Another reason I have been absent from the blog...I finally finished editing pictures of baby Zoe, and have her gallery up. (Click image to link to the gallery)


  1. WOW amazing pics! She is SOOO cute! I love the one of her little toes painted and on the concrete! of course she has a beatuiful complection, so it makes for great pics right?! Gwynie is so very beautiful! I love the white fuzz blowing in the wind around her....can't wait to see more!

  2. Love the photo of G !! Can't wait to see the rest !

    And the photo shoot of Zoe ! WOW !! Those photos are amazing !! I'm sure her Mom was thrilled at how they turned out !!!

  3. What a doll! Great job, those pictures are adorable. I love her funny little faces. :) And the one of her eating the chalk! Great shot of G as usual... she is so beautiful - looks just like her mommy. :)


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