Saturday, June 21, 2008


80 degrees outside...80 degrees going full blast, and it's still HOT!
I had my afternoon latte iced!
I've become such a weenie!
But in my defense, it is 86 degrees in San Antonio right now!


  1. It's about 70 here ... middle of winter !!!! And my pathetic acclimatized body is freezing !! I've had a hot bath every afternoon for the past two maybe three weeks ! ha ha !!! I can't believe 80 is HOT !

  2. Hmm, 80 inside? I would turn on the airconditioner!!! I like it a nice 68 inside during the summer and a nice 71 inside during the winter.

  3. wow wow wow, I hate it when my house gets above 71! I can't imagine how you are feeling right now!
    Jake and Marissa were having the same problem, so they bought window units!

  4. I guess you are acclimated to Alaska! Didn't you move there from Texas?! :) I love love love the summer! 80 is about perfect for me. It is a little warm for inside though... we usually keep our house at 74-76 or so in the summer. I'm assuming you don't have A/C in Alaska. I'd much rather be hot than cold! Of course, I also think my body temperature runs about 1 1/2 degrees below the average person's. :)


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