Thursday, March 13, 2008


This week's theme over at The Land of K.A. was "Change."
What immediately came to my mind was the changing weather.
I wanted to share how I braved the cold this week in my cute little ballet flats with eyelet cutouts.
At church last Sunday my friend Kim was wearing her cute little ballet flats without socks, and I commented on how I was not brave enough to attempt that yet!
The very next day it was pretty "warm" {approx. 40 degrees} outside, so I dusted off my "pretty" shoes and went out!
The evidence of change is all around. Just the other day my friend Jen commented that she was excited to see the pavement! ha! {In the winter our roads are white.} I was excited to see patches of grass here and there, even if it was brown grass! :o)


  1. I love this Khris !!! And those shoes are adorable !!!

  2. Cute shoes! :) I love spring! I have been wearing my flip-flops the last week or so... it's still a little too cold, but I couldn't wait anymore! :)


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