Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday was my 28th Birthday. It was a lovely relaxed day. It's spring break here so Gwyneth and I did not have to do school. I only did a minimal amount of house work (i.e. folded and put away some clothes, made a super easy chili for dinner.)
Gwyneth woke up in the morning and immediately found me exclaiming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!" with her bed head and morning breath! :o) I was surprised she remembered! (I was reminding her and Daddy all week though! hee! hee!)
Oh, I did do my grocery shopping for the week...surprisingly it was not very stressful. If I had a million dollars I would hire a personal shopper to do ALL my shopping, not just the groceries!
The mood of the day was just so relaxed. I had set out to be relaxed right from the start. No pressure to get anything done that I didn't want to do, no appointments, etc. I set my mind to it, and succeeded.
After grocery shopping, Gwyneth and I sat down and completed Kings Quest IV. (I LOVED these games as a kid and was ecstatic when my brother told me you could download them! More on that later!)
David came home late due to some training he had to complete at work. I made a super easy chili for dinner because I didn't really want to go out to eat. The restaurants around here leave much to be desired, unless you want to fork out about $75 a couple for dinner! I didn't really want to go out and spend that kind of money...So chili it was, and it was really yummy! After dinner Gwyneth and David had me open presents.
Gwyneth's first:
She bought those with her own money, and even picked out the card she gave me herself! Now preparing the scrambled eggs she loves to eat will be so fun!

David's gift was equally fun!
A MUDDLER! I had been looking for one of these for some time! He even found it at one of the stores I tried a while back! Now I can make yummy Mojitos easily! (I have been using a wooden spoon.)
I had put a rolling pin on my list of items I wanted a while back (Christmas time actually.) But of course there were specific requirements...I wanted one without handles... :o) He remembered and it's perfect!

My mom sent a care package with brownies again! :o) She knows me so well! The package also included goodies for David and Gwyneth as well! I also got a beautiful e-card set to music from Mom & Dad. THANK YOU!

Dad. R sent me a beautiful birthday card with money to buy something special. I chose this:
I have wanted one of these beautiful necklaces from Superhero Designs for over a year now. I am not diligent enough to save my mad money long enough to buy it, so this was the perfect opportunity! THANK YOU DAD R.!

My very sweet older sis Angie called me from North Carolina where she is staying for the week to watch our adorable niece and nephews. She corralled them all for a about two minutes, long enough to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and each wish me a good day themselves! Almost made me cry they are just so sweet!

My sweet friend Jen called me in the morning just to wish me a happy birthday! She was only a few minutes away at work, but took a break just to call me! She also left sweet wishes on my Facebook page! THANKS JEN!

At church last week, the children's church directors let me choose a treat from the birthday box! :o) (When it is one of the child's birthdays, they each get a voucher for a special treat!) I let Gwyneth help me pick, and we got to share some Tropical Skittles!

A few cards in the mail as from our very sweet Alice. (Mom #2!) and from the Atlanta Runyens'! THANK YOU GUYS!My Myspace page was full of well wishes too! You guys ROCK!
Thanks to everyone who made my day so special!

Can't forget the cake! When David asked what kind I wanted, I thought for about a minute and said cheesecake. And he didn't even have to make it because Sam's Club has The Cheesecake Factory cakes there! He chose the Godiva Double Chocolate . He knows how much I love chocolate!


  1. Happy Birthday !! It sounds like such a wonderful day ! I love the way you described it in so much detail !! I'm a lover of details !!!

    28 !? Girl ... you'll need a cane to walk soon ! ha ha

    PS ... where did you get those facebook and myspace buttons in your sidebar ?

  2. I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful day! :)
    I looks like my card didn't show up yet... I thought I mailed it early enough, but I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there. :( Sorry about that!
    That cheesecake looks SO good!!


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