Saturday, February 23, 2008

happy saturday

This morning there was a bunny in my coffee!
See: ( I didn't set out to make latte art...the bunny shape formed somewhat on it's own, I added the eyes, nose, and mouth.)
And the wonders of technology these days...You can live miles and miles away from your bestest cousin and still "play" together. Gwyneth was on Webkinz this morning with her cousin in Texas. They get to play games together in different "rooms" and can send each other gifts and mail. It's too cute! The phone beside her was set on speaker phone, so they could talk to each other. (They don't do much talking though, I had to ask several times if they were still on the phone because it was so quiet.)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So cute !!! I'm checking out webkinz next ...

    Hey, have you got skype ?, I think. Jono uses skype to talk to his cousin James in Atlanta. It's totally free ... through the computer !! As long as both people have it installed ... your computer rings like a phone ! It's fun !!

    PS ... wedding photos are up !!!


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