Monday, February 25, 2008


Today marks the ninth year my sister Rachel and her wonderful husband Matt have been married! I took this steamy photo of them this past summer and just love it!
Have a great day you two! We love you!


  1. wow it is almost embarassing to see that picture.....but I have to ssay I LOVE it! I forgot you took those. You better put the ones of you and David on here now that you got us on here! I know they are not nearly as good as this one, but you can do your magic on at least one of them! Hey can I have the full version of this pic?

  2. I love this photo !! I'll have to go to Rach's blog next and wish her a happy anniversary ! 9 years ! WOW ! How many years are you and David now? Have you been married longer than me? I can't remember. We got married in 1997. December. Just had our 10th anniversary !

  3. I love the picture! I will have to try to get one of me & Robert like that! :) 9 years!! Wow!


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