Thursday, February 07, 2008

another screen shot...

Turned on my computer today and was greeted by this...

Now that's COLD! I know, I know...enough screen shots already and post something interesting! I'll get to that soon I hope! David goes back to work next week. 4 weeks home, all day, everyday...It will be a definite change. We've already been trying to get back into some sort of routine, so when he does go back it's not such a shock having to wake up at 5:45 AM. The first two weeks he was home, we were staying up really late and sleeping in late. This week we've been getting to bed at a decent hour, and waking together at 6 AM.
I am not naturally a happy morning person, so this has been particularly challenging for me. This will be good for all of us though. I get so much more done when I get up early. I'll be able to have breakfast with David before work too!
We've been gaining about 6 minutes of sunlight a day that makes it easier to get out of bed. Soon it will be sunny at 6 AM! ha!
Despite the bitter cold, it has been sunny and beautiful here! I would be out photographing all the beautiful scenery if my fingers wouldn't freeze up upon walking out the door! :o)
There is still a few months of snow though. I see a photography field trip coming up in the near future.
Also hoping for some more glimpses of the Northern Lights. We saw them in February of last year.
Look what we get to "dig out" this weekend! It hasn't been started in 4 weeks! It hadn't snowed in weeks, and then all of a sudden a couple days after David's surgery, it starts snowing buckets! I HATE shoveling the drive! I shoveled the garage driveway and the walkway with a little help from Gwyneth. She became a little distracted by cleaning off Daddy's truck. She had fun playing in the bed, making snow angels in the good foot of snow that accumulated in there!

'Till next time...


  1. Oh, I love the photo of Gwyneth's little pink hat poking out of the bed of the truck ! So cute !!

    That is a lot of snow ! I bet you love it when spring comes !! How warm does it get in the summer ? Shorts weather ?

    Oh man, that's going to be an adjustment for you when David goes back to work !! Sheesh ... four weeks with him at home would have been heavenly ! ( apart from the whole surgery thing !! )

    Hey ... we must be on line at the same time ! I just saw an email come in from you ! I love that. It's like we are on the computer together some how !! :)

    Ok ... gotta go get dressed and pack lunch for Jono. Today is my first day helping out in Jono's 2nd grade class. I did art with 1st grade class once a week last year. This year, I think I'll be doing reading ... we shall see !

  2. Oh wow that is crazy cold!I really don't think I would ever leave the house.

  3. Good glory. That is perfectly dreadful. Really, I think I wouldn't survive. I wear tights nearly every day, several layers (one definitely wool) and still find myself cold in Philadelphia where the temperature has rarely gone below zero at all this winter!!!! I sit at home heating and reheating the water in my water would probably laugh. Have you got a fireplace?

  4. yuck! i complain about the weather here, and then i think about you and decide to just deal with it! :) we have had more snow here than in the last 15 years though, which makes for a pretty miserable commute most days. I am counting the days until April!!
    I know the early morning adjustment... we just started getting up early to get to the gym before work. it doesn't bother me as much as robert - he is SO grumpy in the morning. hehe!


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