Monday, January 14, 2008

What's Cookin'?

It's Monday. Menu Plan Monday to be exact. Hop on over to The Beans Blog to see what's on the menu for us this week! I will be posting a fantastic recipe using quinoa later today!

It's freezing here! See...Staying warm inside today... Laundry, school, and cooking a new dish for dinner tonight.
Apricot Chicken Curry. It's a dish that requires a lot of time to prepare. A marinade, and baking for 1 1/2 hours. Today is the perfect day for such a dish.

David is doing o.k. His roughest day was yesterday. He stayed home from church since he is still not very mobile. He said his pain was annoying, and he was bored. Not a good combo. Our friends invited us over to their house to play board games last night. We had to politely decline. We really wanted to go, but knew it would be too much for David right now. He is still taking Percocet for his pain. Trying to space the dosages out a little more. He has not been sleeping well, and doesn't have much of an appetite. We know it will get better...
Gwyneth was able to go to our friend's house after church yesterday though. Her and our friend's youngest daughter (same age as Gwyneth) get along famously!
It was good for her to be out. She's been cooped up in the house too much. She says she is fine with all the attention I have to give David, and she wants to be home. But I know it was good for her to have a little distraction, and she has so much fun with her friend. They are inseparable! Two Peas in A Pod!
Yesterday was not too great for me either. I ALMOST wrecked the car again on the way to church! Same thing as last time, slick roads, locked up brakes...I was headed straight for another sign. Thank God I missed it this time, and recovered with nary a scratch! Shook me up though! I am so thankful it was early, and there were hardly any drivers out at that time. God was watching out for us! Must-buy-snow-tires! :o)
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Sheesh ... that is COLD !!! I wouldn't cope well with that. You are such a trooper !! I'm glad you didn't hit the sign !!!!

  2. Wow.Too cold for me.How do you not go crazy? I love cold weather, but I want to enjoy it too. I guess you have more time to scrap and cook? Tell David I said I hope he feels better soon.

  3. girl you don't have snow tires in AK??!!! better get to it before it is too late! I am so glad God was watching out for u guys.


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