Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is what greeted me this morning when I turned my computer on! Brrr... The long johns came out yesterday, and you can be sure we're wearing them today! ick!


  1. yuck yuck yuck! We are only at like 45 50 degrees and I am FREEZING! I COULD NOT live there in the winter! Keep on keeping warm!

  2. That's just crazy cold! Hot chocolate is in order I'd say.

  3. Uh ... that's cold !! It rained today so the kids and I were thinking we were cold, right, in the Australian summer (!) ... we came home from shopping and made hot chocolates. BUT I am sitting with the fan on me because the minute I started drinking it I got too hot !!!

    Is that a web page that gives you the weather ? What page is it ?

  4. Crazy!! That is ridiculous! I was feeling like our weather was bad today... it was raining and about 40. No comparison. I'll take the rain over -29 any day!! We'll be thinking of you... and praying you find ways to stay warm - and occupied INSIDE! :)


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