Friday, December 21, 2007

the bottom dropped out

It was even colder on Wednesday and Thursday!( -38° & -42° respectively.) David came in to kiss me goodbye Wednesday morning and asked "Were you planning on going anywhere today?"
I say (half-asleep) "No, why?"
He replies: "My truck won't start, and the doors are acting funny."
I told him to take my car. It is SO cold out there! All our window sills are ice cold to the touch. I had to move my little plants somewhere else.
I have got to have one of the sweetest husbands. I woke up Wednesday morning with an extra blanket on me. I peeked in at Gwyneth and she was covered with an extra blanket as well. I guess he thought we might be cold. ♥
I'm such a weenie...After he came home that night, I told him I needed a few things for dinner. He was sweet enough to go back out in the cold and pick up the items for me.
Gotta love him!♥

Christmas packages have been flowing in! I LOVE packages...even if they aren't for me. David brought the mail in the other night (He is officially the "mail-checker" when it is this cold!) and Gwyneth and I swarmed him! :o) We all love mail! We have also received many Christmas cards as well! LOVE seeing those!

Dinner on Wednesday was my all-time favorite soup:
Mexican Chicken Soup.
(You can access the recipe by clicking the pink name. )

The link takes you to the "Beans Blog" I contribute to.
If you're looking to eat healthier and need some inspiration, and access to some delicious tried & true recipes...come on over and take a look! I have tagged the recipes that I have contributed with my name, for easy reference.

We recently tried the Shrimp Pasta Puttanesca and really liked it. I am not really keen on seafood, but the shrimp was pretty good. It is also a really fresh, and pretty dish! :o)
*TIP* resist the urge to salt this dish while cooking! The capers and olives make it plenty salty. I was not thinking and added a smidge of salt and wished I had left it out! Oh, and I also omitted the anchovies!

We also tried the Cajun-Spiced Fish With Fresh Corn Salad that Bonnie posted. (Again, click on the pink name and it will bring up the recipe.)

I used talapia, and absolutely LOVED it! I WILL make it again! It was so tasty, and took no time at all to prepare. David was a little surprised that the beans in the salad were cold. I emphasized the title "Salad." ha! :o) I enjoyed it very much. I was able to use some of the beans we froze from our farm share this past summer. (Find a local CSA- community supported agriculture) in your area by clicking the pink.) I LOVED the red onion in the salad, and the cilantro was divine!
Very fresh tasting! I used canned corn instead of fresh for now. In the summer you can be sure I will make it with fresh corn! I highly recommend this recipe! If you do not care for fish, use talapia. It is a very mild white fish. (It didn't taste "fishy" at all!)

Thankfully it is only -9° this morning. I am thankful because I have a hair appointment this afternoon and was dreading going out in the extreme temperatures we've been having! At least -9° is bearable! (I never though I'd say that in my lifetime! ha!)

Here is a picture of our windows from the inside of our house! The ice is gathering around the areas any warm air escapes! Crazy!

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your family and friends and all your holiday festivities!


  1. You are making feel guilty for complaining about being cold. I read some of your post to my husband and his comment was, "How do you even stay warm inside at that temperature?"
    When it gets too cold I ask my husband to get the groceries for me because I hate getting cold. I am such a wimp.

  2. Hey Khris,
    It's 11:45pm and I'm in pj shorts and a tank top ... enjoying the cool breeze that is FINALLY coming in through the windows !! I think of you in that cold cold weather and I just cringe !!! I LOVED your post though ! I'm so glad that you like the fish recipe !! And the puttanesca too ... yummy ! I need to make that one again soon ! I didn't put anchovies in it either ! I hardly ever salt things while I'm cooking, unless I've made it before and know it needs it !! I'm glad you are trying seafood recipes ! I'll be posting another one soon ! I made calamari the other night and took a bunch of photos !! Yummy Yum Yum !!

  3. yuck yuck yuck! those windows are crazy!
    Was one of those packages from me?????? hope you got it okay finaly! luv ya

  4. mmmm, those look good. i will have to try them soon. we eat tilapia a lot, so i am eager to try it a new way. :) hope you guys are staying warm! we are wrapping presents and then heading to twin falls for a couple days... be back christmas eve. hopefully with some new pictures to post, since i will finally get my camera back. :)


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