Thursday, October 11, 2007


I made this!

It's adorable, and Gwyneth really likes it. I had a lot of fun making it! I started another one that is going to be about three times this size.


  1. Hey !!! Check out my blog ... I nominated you for a blog "award" ! Just for fun !! Hope you are having a great day ... if it's even day time there !!!

  2. so cute! i love it! what book did you use to learn how to knit again?! i would love to try it... in all my free time... haha. i would like to learn though.

  3. That is so adorable. You could totally sell that on Have you ever visted over there? It's awesome. :)

  4. That is absolutly adorable. My 13 year old daughter just finished knitting a purse that I am waiting to felt but I want her to be around when I do it because I think she would enjoy seeing the process. I will have to post pictures of it when we are done. Thanks for the reminder to take a picture before we felt it. Now I am really excited to get it done. Hopefully I will remember when she gets home from school.
    Very cute!


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