Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Recipe Blog

My friend Bonnie invited me to contribute to a recipe blog she started. It's titled Pass The Beans Please and you can visit by clicking HERE. I just posted a totally yummy recipe titled Mexican Chicken Soup. You'll find delicious and healthy recipes here. Emphasis on healthy.
I'm going to make the Quinoa Vegetable soup next week!


  1. do you think bonnie would mind if i put a link to that blog on mine? when we get back i will have to try some of those recipes... they look yummy!

  2. oh, and how do you get everything in your sidebar to line up like that? mine just won't!

  3. You are hilarious ! I should measure mine ! Uh ... maybe not. I have enough things that qualify me as freak already ! ha ha.

    I just went over to Amy's blog and left her a super long comment ! I hope she doesn't think I'm a weirdo !! ( well, I guess then at least she would know the real me, right !? )

  4. Oh ... opps. That comment was for the 'freak' post. I got confused because I went away to Amy's blog and then came back to here and didn't remember which post I was commenting on !

    I'm so excited that you posted this here !! Woo Hoo ! Thanks.

    I think you will really like the Quinoa Veg. Soup. Did I tell you that it makes a HUGE pot ? And it freezes well.


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