Friday, May 18, 2007

perpetually late...

We seem to be late on just about everything this year. I've struggled to keep up with birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day! (I'm ashamed of that last one!)
We had Gwyneth's actual birthday party on April 14th. 2 weeks after her birthday! We intended to do it on the 7th... Easter weekend, but she got sick. This is the second birthday that she has been sick around. The first time was her 3rd birthday. Since she was sick around Easter, that also cut into our annual egg dyeing tradition! But nonetheless we did in fact dye eggs. A couple days ago. And we only dyed 5. We switched to organic grain fed eggs a couple months ago. They are brown. My mom insisted you could still dye brown eggs. Well...they didn't turn out so well. I think we got a bad box of dye. And the glitter paint that came with it was all dried out. Gwyneth had fun making them look silly anyway. She didn't mind that it was late, or that the paint was dried out...she just enjoyed the process!

The other night I had a real hankerin' (hee hee) for Chinese food. Rather than order it to go, spend $20, and not have any control over how it was made or what type of ingredients they used (i.e. conventional produce as opposed to organic), I made a trip to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients to make some of my favorites:

Fried Rice-made with brown rice, sans eggs or meat.
Spring Rolls-vegetarian
Potstickers-vegetarian, with tofu (I was not aware they contained tofu until we sat down to eat and I bit into one. I refrained from telling David until after he had finished all of his. ha! He said he would have eaten them anyway, since they tasted so good.)
Chow Mein-I cheated and bought a microwave version from Annie Chun's
It turned out to be a most delicious meal for only $10 and made with all natural mostly organic ingredients! YUM!


  1. Looks great ! Can we come for dinner ? I'd love your fried rice recipe ...

  2. PS ... oh good, I commented on the wrong post !! That was actually for your chinese post ... as you probably gathered !!! :) Bon

  3. PPS ... you are probably wondering what drugs I am taking ! Sadly, none ! I just went out and looked at the post again, scrolled down and saw that I had indeed commented on the correct post !! Sheesh !!!!!!!

  4. looks good! :) just curious... what prompted your move to all organic? do you eat meat at all?


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