Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

Today was such a beautiful day! After gymnastics and lunch we went out to the local farmer's market.

I could go broke there! So many wonderful things to see, smell, taste! Ahhhh! We purchased some local raw honey (after tasting every kind she made!) and I picked up a soy wax candle made locally. It burns cleaner than petroleum based candles, and is a renewable resource. It smells heavenly! I picked the "Apple Jack n Peel" scent. David and I really liked the "Caribbean Coconut", but they were all out. Maybe next time.
On our way out we stopped and bought some fresh kettle corn! YUM!

(Gwyneth had just taken her first taste of kettle corn in this shot. She wasn't sure of it at first, then she asked for another bite, and is hooked like mommy! ha!)
Oh, she is also wearing my sunglasses here! Bug eyes! Too cute!

I have only tried store bought kettle corn one time, and was not impressed. That stuff is NOTHING like fresh! I am now convinced that fresh kettle corn is the best popcorn in the world! We watched as the man made it too. He stirred it in a big kettle with what looked like a wooden oar. So cool! I will be dreaming for a week of that heavenly goodness! hee! hee!
After the farmer's market we went back down the road a little to Creamer's Field . This area is a former dairy farm turned migratory waterfowl refuge. BEAUTIFUL! We couldn't have gone on a more perfect day! Sunshine, blue skies, white puffy clouds, and green trees! I took our little point and shoot along on our hike. I'm SO glad I did !

We had such a wonderful afternoon! We will be going to these two places a LOT this summer!


  1. looks absolutely gorgeous!! i am determined to get out more this summer and see some places around here. so much we want to do... fiddle festival, cherry festival, farmer's markets, the observatory, float the river... i love summer. :)

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! That point and shoot you have is great! I wish we could come there this summer and see you and do all of that with you! Have lots of fun though soak it all up!

  3. That was me Rachel! I have that address from mom and dad and was actually able to log in this time!


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