Monday, October 16, 2006

We're back!

After posting here for almost a year, I don't know what compelled me to mess with a good thing. Typepad was great, but not worth the cost to me. So we're back here... Feels like a good pair of worn in shoes...
Anyways...I found an awesome layout for this site. You like? I do!
To show our Autumn spirit here is a recent picture of Gwyneth...I couldn't pass up this shirt at Target! She is getting excited for Halloween. Counting down the days until our church's Fall Festival. She is dressing up as Tinkerbell.

Been busy here with preparations for AK. Friday we went and got our applications turned in for our no-fee passport to travel to AK. Glad that's taken care of!
I made a ton of phone calls today regarding shipment of our car, housing in AK, temporary lodging when we arrive, and insurance issues. I absolutely dread making all those calls and taking care of all those important things. Unfortunately David is unable to help with much of the preraration as he is in a month long school. It's local, but very time consuming and stressful for him. He's actually in the field for a couple of days this week. (Meaning he's camping out in the elements with a bunch of Army dudes, and dudettes and playing war games! He was thrilled!...not...) So needless to say I'm a bit stressed... But I have a month living with David's dad to sit back and relax...breath...maybe. I hope so.
I've also been looking online for a lot of our winter wear. So many choices, but I am so ignorant as to what we will really need! I have never lived anywhere where cold weather gear was necessary, so I don't have the slightest clue what we absolutely need. I think I am pretty close to actually ordering things. I found all of us boots, and Gwyneth and I coats. I am just afraid I am not going to either order things we will end up never using or not ordering what we will really need! ha! My over analytical mind! It drives me nuts sometimes. I also am trying to be careful with the expenses as I don't want to spend a fortune on unnecessary items. My friend Courtney (an Alaska native) has been a great help! She's offered much advice on what we will and will not need. I just need to listen to her and bite the bullet. CHA CHING! I can hear the registers ringing now! Oh, another disadvantage for us is that we really have not other option but to buy through the internet since we live in TEXAS!!! So no trying things on for us. I hope everything fits! You can't find much cold weather gear here! We did find one ski shop...we'll see what they have to offer. You should have heard the responses we got when calling local dealers to see if they would winterize our car with the engine block heater and other was like we were speaking a foreign language! HA!

Ah... the adventure! Please pray for my sanity to stay intact through this move!


  1. lol... you made me snort! Saying you're a Texan native and saying you're an Alaskan Native are two entirely different animals! But I get what you mean :) And Tom would probably agree with you. It's a ride, but 6 months from now it will be second hand to you. And remember anything you NEED you'll have available to you there, just a slightly smaller selection and a slightly higher price, BUT online shopping is your best friend. Snow gear doesn't have to be top grade becasue you can layer, in Fairbanks it will get too COLD to go outside so don't worry about the super grade stuff. Block heater can be done on post for fairly cheap, or diy for about 30 bucks. Snow tires are super helpful, studded tires are a must have, but a bonus. That should get you set through the first few months. You may end up wanting some nice lights, they have special ones to make up for the lack of daylight and know that seasonal depression is high there. Ok... I'm writing a novel in your comments section. Let me know if you have any more questions. And remember, I can be an idiot so take my advice with a grain of salt. -C

  2. I mean't studded tires areN't a must have, but definitely a bonus, but then you have to get them put on and taken off each year by certain dates or you'll go clicky click into a ticket, lol...

  3. Hey this Template is really cool. Where did you find it? and WOW, I know what you'r feeling right now with having to do all the phone calls and running around and stuff on your own...I am praying that God will keep you sane. I am actually getting a little sad now that all the prep is so almost done...that means you REALLY are moving FAR FAR away :-( I have to try and call you tomorrow, I wanted to today and yesterday, but thought it best to wait a little! I love ya


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