Monday, October 16, 2006

No sleep for me!

I'm not going to get a lick of sleep tonight. For one thing it's weird not having David next to me, and
....I just bought one of these!!! Ugh... big purchases like this make me feel like I have to throw up!
Ha! But it's going to be SWEET! I will still have the ability to blog while we are between homes, and still save and edit all my digital photos! I'm going to love it! David and Gwyneth will love the fact that they will get our current computer for games and such when I get my cute little laptop!
So here's to a sleepless night for me...


  1. Oh hey! Thats the same laptop I have! Its a pretty good laptop... So far...

  2. did you go with the inspiron E1505? i can't tell from the pic. do you have it yet???? do you love it???!!!


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