Monday, April 10, 2006

forgot to add...

Our weekend did have a few activities! On Saturday I went to the gym before My Girl's soccer game. Then her game was at noon. We were fortunate that it was actually cool at that time. The previous week it was really hot and I got a little sunburned. After soccer we went and purchased another pool for My Girl. Her old one sprung a leak and had to go in the trash. She got to play in it a little while. Then I went to hang out with a local photographer from our church. Here's his website:
If you look at his seniors page I was there while he was photographing "Adam" The picture with the Bible and the soccer ones just beneath. Steve has been so generous in letting me "hang out" while he works. If you remember, I tagged along to a wedding he did back in December. He has told me I can tag along any time! He is doing a bridal portrait session on Tuesday and has said I may come along. I'm really excited about this! This guy is so knowledgeable! I learn something new every time I hang out with him! My Love and My Girl hung out at Pop -Pop's house (even though he is out-of-town) to watch some cable t.v. Acutally they recorded a bunch of cartoons onto a tape, for our trip to Alaska. My Love said they also played one game of Monopoly the entire time they were there. My Girl is hooked since we taught her last week. In the last month she has learned how to play that and Yahtzee
On Sunday we traveled approx. 120 miles round trip to visit Cabela's . My Love has been dying to go! He wanted to check out their cold weather gear in prep. for Alaska, and of course we had to go through the entire store! Even the boat section, and we don't have a boat! Anyways, not too interesting me, but I endured it because I love him! ha! My Girl actually likes looking at all the fishing items and such. They had a rifle target game area. And a whole section called "Big Game Country" where they have all these stuffed deer, rams, and other animals. And in the center of the store they have other animals such as black, brown, and grizzly bears, and moose, caribou, and polar bears! Very interesting. We told My Girl which animals are common to Alaska!
So that wraps up our weekend. Hope you all had an excellent one!


  1. Gwyneth knows how to play Monopoly?! And enjoys it? Smart girl!! :) Do you have peach and pear trees in your yard? We have plum and apple. I'm not sure yet what the others are, or if they are even fruit trees. I wish we had peaches though! :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday card! And the picture of Gwyneth is so cute! I think the last actual picture I have of her is from her 2nd birthday!! You haven't posted for a while... just busy?


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