Monday, March 20, 2006

Nothing to post about today. Just wanted to share a few photos from this weekend. We had a really overcast day on Sunday. Great for pictures! Gwyneth didn't really want me taking any, but I got a few cute ones.


  1. AMAZING photos Khrista!!!! Love them! Especially the one of her and your hub... and her hair! omgoodness!!! It's just PRECIOUS!... sigh... AUbrey HAD ringlets till she cut them off, decided she was Mulan... anyhow... love the post.

  2. She is so cute. doesn't really look like she didnt want you taking them!

  3. Khrista-
    I LOVE these pictures! I think my favorite is the father/daughter picture. Her hair really is the same color yours was ...she is going to be a heartbreaker-just like mommy! Tell David I said hello!!


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