Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We're still alive. David has his first final exam last night and will take his last one tonight! Yipee! We are so ready for a break from night school! He will finally be able to eat dinner with us again!
I've been busy proofing photos from Sunday. I photographed David's sister and her family at a local art museum. It was fun, but this is the first time I am really applying all that I have learned as far as digital photography, to really present them with good photographs! Digital is exciting and rewarding, but with it comes a lot of learning and work. I keep at it though, knowing that I will get it down to a speedy system someday!
We are getting closer to Christmas vacation! We leave next week to visit my family in Virginia! I cannot wait! Every time I go home I get my hair cut by one of my longtime friends, Julie! She always does an incredible job! I am kinda stumped as to how to get my hair done this time, and am going to use this blog for a poll! (This is a good time for anyone who lurks here that doesn't usually comment to actually comment!) Below is a collage of all of my previous hair styles (the black and white photo with the flippy style is "a la Julie" she's good huh?) and one that I took today. (Lower Right) I liked the way my hair behaved today, but it doesn't always do that...Most of the time I just leave it curly...So, let me know what you all think. The very first photo dates back to 1998, so please stifle the laughter! ha! I also had long hair again between picture 3 and 4. I had a good time digging these photos out!

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  1. Matt says #6, I say I like the length of #8, and actually I like the style. MAN your hair grow FAST!!!! you make me sick!hee hee

  2. Well if you're going for shorter Khris, I like 5 or 6. If you want to keep it long, I would say to maybe just add more layers to it now. I liked the way you had it when I was down there.

    Maria :)

  3. I like 5, 6 & 7! It looks good now, too, if you want to keep it long! That probably wasn't much help. Sorry! :)

  4. I love #2 ... So flattering to your face. I can't even recognize you in #3 ! You look so different ! Love, Bon

  5. I like #4 it has some fullness to it, I also like #7. You;'re right, your friend Julie does good work.

  6. awww you are super cute!! I like 6 and 7....


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