Friday, November 25, 2005

A Stranger In My House

I woke up this morning alone in bed and heard the sound of dishes clanking in the kitchen.
The dishwasher had been emptied by My Love yesterday, so I wondered to myself what he was doing... I slowly rolled out of bed, and took my time sauntering out to the kitchen. When I came around the corner I saw this man who resembled my husband but couldn't be! He was making pancakes! I was so surprised! Then throughout the morning I grew quite fond of this stranger! He bathed My Girl and even got the laundry started and kept up with it throughout the afternoon! I'd like to keep him! I wonder how long he will stay?...hee hee
We've been having a good day so far. My Love has been bringing in all the Christmas decorations. He even put some lights up out in the front yard. My Girl has been having fun following him around all day. She loves to help! My Love and I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation last night. We watch that movie a couple times from Thanksgiving to New Years. It's so hilarious!

Here are some photos from yesterday...

Working off that Thanksgiving feast. Before these shots I had been out back playing "Red Grover" (My Girl pronounces Red Rover like this.) and freeze tag with the girls.

And the sunset....

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  1. hee hee hee, I have had that same stranger at my house a few times before!! it is great eh?! Beutiful sunset!


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