Saturday, November 26, 2005

Last weekend...

Last weekend we drove almost three hours to see one of my longtime friends, Maria.
Maria and I have known each other for about 12 years! We met in Japan. She is my first boyfriend's sister. She's a great person, and when we were together it didn't feel like 11 years had past since we last saw each other in person! We have kept in touch sporadically over the years. She is one of the few friends from Youth Group that I really keep in touch with. We also met her sweet sweet daughter Sabryna. She was so good with My Girl despite their 6 year age difference. My Girl absolutely adored her! On our way home she said "I miss my new friend Sabryna."
It was so good to connect with someone from the past! We had a great time. We went bowling with them as well. We think it was My Girl's first time "really" bowling. Our memories have failed us though, so we could be wrong! It's the first time I documented it with my camera at least!


  1. Sweet pictures of the bowling alley! Looks like fun. You have been busy with your posts! :)

  2. I thought I recognized them! WOW Sabryna is so big! I didn't know they lived so close! or were they just visiting someone? Those bowling pics Are AWESOME! you dressed Gwyneth perfect to match the center! We will have to go bowling when you are here!


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