Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fall is here...

Well it's officially cold here! Finally! I'm loving it! Monday we had a cold front move in and it's been nice and cool ever since. We even had the heater come on a few times during the night.
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Especially living in this climate! Relief!

I'm a photo nut, as if you all didn't already know that! I take pictures of anything and everything. Digital enables me!!! It would be interesting to remember the most ridiculous thing I have ever photographed. I can't rely on my memory very much. So I will take a poll...What do you think is the most ridiculous or odd thing I have ever photographed?
You won't hurt my feelings...I already know I am a's wearing off on my daughter too! hee hee She already has an obsession with photographing feet!

Yesterday was a much better day than Tuesday. We went to ladies Bible study. Good stuff...I always leave there refreshed and assured that I have a heavenly father who loves me, and does care about me, even when I think he doesn't, or that I may not be so lovable. 
My Girl always does the most amazing crafts in her class when we go!
Here's the latest:

Yesterday I spent as much time cleaning my car as I did my house! It's ridiculous! The interior and exterior are sparkling! I love a clean car. But because it takes so much time I hardly ever do it! It was nice to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. My Girl helped, but soon got bored and wandered the yard, picking up rocks and picking more weeds for my window!

Pop Pop comes home today! So My Girl and I are picking him up at the airport later. We have him home for Pizza Night tomorrow!


  1. WEll...I can't think of a
    wierd thing that you have photographed...I think they are all really artsy and neat. So cool to get pics of things like you do so you can remeber them! I wish I had a Bible study to go to to get refreshed....

  2. Wonderful photos K!! Love that turkey!! We need to start on our turkey day projects... we run a little behind in this house, Halloween was just last weekend ;)

    I really want to get in a bible study class... ours is SO freakin early in the morning... sigh... one day I'll make it.

  3. Cute craft! I printed it out and they used it for children's church on Sunday... except they used apples and the kids kept eating them! :) Hope you're feeling ok... it's been a few days since your last post... very unlike you! :)


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