Tuesday, April 23, 2013


{blog} rest
That's just what I did today.

I think my husband may have seen what I scheduled for the day because he helped me achieve rest.
He has taken the baby and let me sleep in a little this morning, put away laundry, helped make dinner and cleaned up all the mess that it created.
He has played Hide & Seek with the bigger kiddos, brushed teeth, & read books.
He's pretty special.

I was intentional about rest today because I have been feeling poorly lately.
I'm sure stress is a contributing factor as we are MOVING in less than three weeks!
But I also twisted my neck out of whack in the middle of the night Sunday and have been to see my chiropractor two days in a row. She told me that I may still have notable levels of relaxin in my system since I am nursing.
My ice pack is my best friend.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a repeat of today, and surely I should feel markedly better!

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  1. Moving is difficult in general, I'd venture to say more so with a nursling! I know that God will provide the strength and support you need to see it through! Praises for an awesome husband! Awesome job listening to your body to rest. Two verses keep coming to mind for me right now, Matthew 11:28 and Psalm 105:4. Hang in there! Sara


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