Monday, November 26, 2012

happy list // 11.26.12

Happy List
1. Happy Mail from Alaska! I hope to blog all the goodness soon! I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friends!
2. 1 of 3 cowls I have knit recently using this pattern: Drop Stitch Cowl
3. little BéBé is chunking up nicely, just like her big sister and brother did!
4. FaceTime with Nana! So fun!
5. seasonal colds have struck our house. A sweet friend brought by comfort in the form of elderberry syrup and hyssop tea.
6. a new colorful scarf. Now if it would just stay cool enough to wear it!
7. lovely CSA goodness. I am LOVING sweet potatoes lately!
8. writing a blog post on paper in my nursing chair, whilst holding little BéBé. Many hours of my day are spent in this chair.
9.the view from said chair is one of my favorites. Fun art and photos and the new addition of a beautiful marble incense burner! I've admired it many times, and the last time we were in the store I told My Girl how I longed for one. She excitedly informed me that she saw one in the back of the store on clearance because it was damaged! She happily retrieved it for me and I went home a very happy girl!

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  1. Yay! Happy day! Happy day! It came ;)

    { Hugs } Jerri

  2. Love it all. Especially the incense burner!! Adore.


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