Thursday, September 20, 2012

thursday's books

My dear, long-time friend Bonnie and I share a love for many of the same things.
We are both passionate about cooking (well food in general ;) organizing, planning, reading, gardening.
It's too bad she lives all the way in Australia!
Wait, bad for whom? Oh, just ME!She lives in PARADISE! ha! :)
Anyways, we also share a love of books.
Library books to be specific.
There's just something magical about going into a space with shelves weighted down with books of all kinds.
And getting to take as many as my little heart desires home with me for 3 weeks! Glorious!
I admit I have not been as frequent a patron as I wish.
It is not a place I enjoy taking my very energetic almost-three-year-old . . . yet.
(I will get him hooked someday, like My Girl)
The best days are when my little guy gets a little Daddy time, and My Girl and I can whisk away to this wonderful home of written words.
My Girl usually beats me in total take-home. But sometimes I pass her with all the cookbooks! :)
I tend to check out the same books over and over. I vow one day to buy them, but why when I can have them for free?!

Back to my friend Bonnie . . .
She started a series on her blog called "Thursday's Books."
Every week, on Thursday, she shares her "library loot" on her blog.
 Sometimes she even reviews the books!
She encourages her readers to join in the fun . . .
So here is my first week.
This run was a fairly quick one with "the boys" waiting in the van while "the girls" ran into the library "real quick" to pick up My Girl's reserved books. (The Warriors series, if you're curious. ;)
I quickly skimmed the New Book section and then headed straight for the cookbooks.
I have borrowed both The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without and Supermarket Vegan before, but the Nikki McClure book was a gem of a discovery! I LOVE her artwork! The recipes seem kind of fun too, but I won't kid and tell you I got it for the recipes, I wanted to gaze at the lovely images!
What are you reading lately?
Do you love the library as much as us?
Share, and join in the fun!
Post to your blog, facebook, instagram (hashtag  #thursdaysbooks), flickr, photobucket, anywhere you please ... and then come leave a comment so I can come see.


  1. I love it !! I'm so excited that you've posted this to your blog !! I've started hashtagging my instagram posts with #thursdaysbooks too ...

    Hooray for library books !! And shelves weighted down with pages full of written words !!

  2. Library junkie too :) Always piles and piles and lots of overdue monies to be!

  3. Hi Khrista! I just popped over after reading Bonnie's Thursday post...and had a wonderful quick browse of your Blog, you and yours look wonderful! I love checking out cookbooks, and I like to photocopy the recipes I actually use so I can make them again, as my cooking jags are often urgent and I can't wait to make something till I can get back to the library! Smooches to your family from me--Bonnie's Mom


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