Monday, April 09, 2012

happy list // 04.09.2012

{ blog } happy list 12_04_09
1. One of the first "symptoms" of pregnancy for me was an aversion to milk, and COFFEE! *gasp* On a recent mini road trip, I stopped at one of my favorite shops and got a half-caff latte and was able to enjoy every last sip. Ahhh . . . I still don't have coffee everyday like I used to and have put the espresso machine away for now. And you know what? Surprisingly, I am OK with that. :)
2. a beautiful sunset and my boys!
3. a new favorite breakfast. Two farm fresh eggs poached in my poach pods my Mama bought for me recently, Ezekial 4:9 toast, and sauteed greens. Mmm . . . I have to fight Baby Boy for the eggs though as he loves them just as much a I do!
4. HAPPY MAIL! My dear friend Kim sent me a package full of Smash book goodies! I flipped out! The connection this girl and I have is so unreal sometimes! We're always reading the same books, blogs, purchasing the same items, all without knowing the other is as well! We have such similar tastes I swear we were twins separated at birth! She is my kindred! What's funny is I went to Michaels with coupons TWO separate times to purchase some Smash book products and came away with nothing because I had a hard time deciding what to get! Kim sent the exact book I was pondering and so many goodies that mesh with my "style!" I can't wait to dig into it all! :)
5. celebrating this growing girl makes me really happy! We were able to celebrate her recent birthday with family and cheesecake! Mmm . . .
6. Baby Boy's first bike! It is so fun to watch him ride this! He tends to pedal backward a bit better than forward, but with time, we will surely see him whizzing by at a very fast pace!
7. roses everywhere! We have two bushes in our front yard and this little one right outside the window in the den. Love the peeks of pink in the morning!
8. turning the soil, weeding, and adding compost, all in preparation to plant our Summer garden. yay!

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  1. Yay!!! Such a great happy list! I'm
    Glad you enjoyed the package. I was really worried that you'd already have gotten the Smash stuff-knowing our connection. I'm glad you resisted! I love the connection! Fun to see your happiness!


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