Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Creative Projects // №. 2 ~ Halloween Costumes

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My Girl decided to be an Owl for Halloween this year.
I was tasked to either find an affordable pre-made costume, or make it...
After coming up empty in our search for a pre-made costume, I dusted off my sewing machine, rummaged through my scrap materials and yarn and took on the challenge of making it.
My Girl and I browsed knitting patterns for a mask that might resemble an owl and came upon this pattern: Zsa Mask
I cast on and knit away.... I finished it off with felt additions and tassels on the ears.
We knew immediately (after seeing it on Pinterest) that we would use this tutorial for the wings.
The only modifications I made were to cut each set of four feathers. I didn't have enough material to double them up.
The wings were made entirely out of materials we already had, either from previous projects or projects that never came to fruition.
We had lots of ideas for Baby Boy's costumes.
In the end I stayed up a little late one night and knit up a quick little Bear Hat.
45 minutes from start to finish! Thank goodness for big needles and yarn!
If you're on Ravelry you can find my notes HERE and HERE 

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  1. What a beautiful blog (and life!) you have! I love the costumes you made for your children, both absolutely adorable. Your photography is amazing and I have really enjoyed reading through your posts today.


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