Tuesday, June 14, 2011

happy list // 06.14.2011

1. The way Baby Boy says "Love You" when someone is going away or he is going to bed. (It sounds like THIS)  2. the backyard sandbox provides great entertainment, until Baby Boy decides he needs a snack and puts a BIG shovel full of sand in his mouth. Even then it's pretty humorous to see the sand "beard" he has acquired! ;) 3. my little garden helper 4. morning snuggles with these two beautiful souls 5. braiding My Girl's beautiful hair...she has started to have a preference on how to wear her hair these days, and most of the time her choice is a ponytail. I think their cute, but love it when she lets me braid it, or she wears it down in flowing golden curls... 6. My Love...he's a good sport...puts up with "one more shot babe, your eyes were closed" or "that one was out of focus!" ;) 7. My Love swinging Baby Boy in the 102 degree heat, while I make dinner amongst the A/C...see I told you he was a good sport! :) 8. a FULL refrigerator and pantry!

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