Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy list // 05.31.2011

1.homemade playdough (recipe HERE) that enables quiet moments for this Mama to get a few things done. 2.our first harvest from the garden!  
3.playing among the sheets as Mama makes the beds. 4.watching these two interact...it's nice when it's a positive exchange. ;) 5.this typographical sign I spotted in a cute shop in a cute town this weekend. (The "of" in the saying is hidden behind the flowers. ;) 6.another cute find in a cute shop! I would love one of each of these! VW Beatle, VW Bus, AND a camper!? Yes, please! They even have scripture verses on them, I might have to go back and get them! ;) 7.flowers from My Love...twice in one week! WOW! :) 8.reading together as a family before bed..

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