Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Blogger - Edition 3 - The Backyard Beach

Reviving an old category on the blog and getting back to "Guest Blogger" posts. (Not sure how frequent they will be, but My Girl has lots of things to blog about! ;) 

Daddy recently built a sandbox in the back yard. It has created much fun and time spent outside.
Yesterday My Girl set up a backyard beach and had a grand time with her animals. She wanted to post about it on the blog! :)
(P.S. We're huge Phineas & Ferb fans... ;)

The gang's all here!

 "Snowball" chillin' in the ocean...
"Spot" on lifeguard duty...

Tropical treat...

"Shell-don" the waiter... :)


  1. Looks fun... Aidan has that same webkinz turtle... the one that is all green. He named him Darth Turtle. He only has two friends on Webkinz. Maybe you can be friend number three?

  2. i love it !!! what a great imagination she has !

  3. i love it... especially the little hamster raft! :) i can't wait for warmer weather here!


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