Thursday, February 24, 2011

::weekend road-trip::

Last weekend we headed south to spend the time with family. We always enjoy these mini road-trips. We love to explore together as a family. Baby Boy doesn't do so well after two hours or so. These mini road-trips are perfect. It was also nice to be with family. We always enjoy getting together when we can. This trip was a little clouded by medical issues and concerns, so we weren't able to see some family. My Girl got a stomach virus the day we were supposed to leave, so we ended up staying an extra day.
Baby Boy went right to Pop Pop when he saw him.
It's become somewhat of a "tradition" for David and I to make breakfast one morning while we visit. Love family meals!
The kids had fun with a cheap bubble toy we picked up at the grocery store.
 A long-standing tradition with Pop Pop... Checking the mail.
The mailbox is around the corner from his house and they enjoy the short walk.
They have since toddler-hood. :)
I just love these images of Baby Boy on Pop Pop's patio that I snapped with my iPhone.
He is such a sweetie! Be-Be says she supposes he should never wear any other color but blue.
Be-Be and I stole away for a bit and explored Restoration Hardware. Such beautiful stuff that's way out of my league!
And a trip would not be complete without a meal at the Whole Foods salad bar!

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