Thursday, February 17, 2011

neglecting my chores

Today when I should have been doing laundry and dishes...I made a skirt instead!
I've wanted to try recon sewing for a while now and I thought a reconstructed jean skirt was a good entry into this realm. :)
A pair of not-so-great-fitting jeans+a-pretty-scarf-that-never-looked-right-on-me=A funky skirt!
I like it!
I combined THIS tutorial with THIS one... and was totally inspired by Alicia's tweets about recon sewing and her own skirt! :)
AND by my dear friend Dorina's newest post on her blog...
I'm trying patchy jeans next! :) or maybe a patchy skirt! ;)


  1. Krysta! I love this skirt. You are so freaking cute.

  2. khrista !! I LOVE THIS !!!!!! so cute !

  3. Wow! Your skirt turned out really well! Isn't it fun using stuff that would have normally been given away, to make something fabulous!!! I am so glad God gave humans creativity! Things would be really boring without it. :D


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