Friday, February 04, 2011

//Flashback Friday// - 2006 My Girl wrote a song about me! *swoon*

 ---photo from 2007 look at that little 6 year old?! time sure does fly!
When My Girl was about 5 or 6 years old, she had a cool little cassette tape player/recorder, a gift from Nana,  that she toted everywhere.
I gave her a blank cassette tape and she went to town recording all sorts of things. One day she presented me with a little surprise...

I Love You Mom Forever and Ever
(click the above song title to hear it for yourself!)

“Hello this is me **yne**.(disguised her name on purpose)
I want to sing a song.
It’s really pretty.
It’s about my Mom.
So you probably want to hear about my Mom…Well here it goes!

‘Thank you for coming today!
I Love You Mom Forever & Ever.
Mom there’s a thing that I have to tell you,
It’s a song that I always love.
That I sing when I’m ever mad.
It makes me happy every time.
It’s really cute.
I love you Mom forever and ever, always when I’m mad, I still love you, mmhhhmmmm…
Every time I’m blue or mad or sad I still love you, you are my favorite Mom in the world.
I love you, I love you. I love you forever and ever.
Things are beautiful, things are sweet, things are beautiful, I love you.
Very, very much, I love you. Looooove you!
Every time it’s raining outside I am bluuuue.
But every time I’m blue you cheer me up, you cheer me up always.
‘Cause you are the best Mom I ever had!
The End’”

--Isn't that the sweetest?!
Today the tape recorder is used mostly by Baby Boy. The tape player part is broken, but that doesn't deter him from singing in the microphone...sissy joins in now and again! ;)

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  1. not only is your girl very talented at writing/singing, but her voice is beautiful too! that is just the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life!!!


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