Tuesday, November 30, 2010

::: list it tuesday :::

My friend Bonnie turned me onto this cool blog that's right up my alley with her weekly feature List It Tuesday.
*and i just love her etsy store! This print went on my wishlist immediately! and I like this one and this one...o.k. I love almost all her stuff!*
I'm a big list maker. Every Monday I take the time to make my Happy List.
I have hand written notes all over the place, and I have recently taken to making lists on my iPhone.
However, I much prefer a handwritten note over a digital one. There is something so satisfying in crossing off items on a to-do list, and it's always fun to refer to a note documenting the fun stages in my kid's lives, better yet, I love getting a hand written love note from my hubby!
Last night over dinner our little family was discussing our favorite movies that we just have to watch around the holidays every year. With List It Tuesday in mind I had fun compiling a list of our favorite holiday movies. After I formatted this photo we all remembered one of our favorite movies! ELF! Can't believe we missed that one the first go around! :)
Happy List-making! :)


  1. I LOVE it Khris ! Isn't List It Tuesday just a hoot ?! And that website ... I can't believe i hadn't sent that one to you before !!

    Great Great movies, by the way !!

  2. i LOVE rudolph! i always feel bad for the little guy...getting teased and all. great hand drawn fonts, and i like the texture of that torn paper.

    very fun list1 i'm listing too.

  3. hey khrista! awesome list and great handwriting! national lampoon's christmas vacation is a staple at my parents' house!


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