Monday, November 22, 2010

happy list // 11.22.2010

1.3-in-1: peppermint mocha, ketti camera bag, my UGGs 2.sharing a green smoothie with my littlest love. It was his first and he LOVED it! :) 3. knitting...I have been knitting *read: neglecting* this sweater for over a year now and have a goal of wearing it this weekend! 4. today my love brought home chocolates just for me! :) 5. the mess that is daily living...loving every minute of him being little and "messy" 6. I am in love with this shirt again thanks to this video tutorial on how to make a fitted t-shirt. It was previously too big and now it fits perfectly! YAY! 7. I am usually VERY resistant to licensed character toys and such, but Baby Boy looks too cute in his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas! 8. My Girl and I made this Fall decoration (?) a few weeks ago. Inspired by this post.

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  1. LOVE the t-shirt tutorial!!! I have tons of shirts like that - I'm so going to try this!!! Yay!! :-)


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