Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's Day 2008

A little scene from our very relaxed long weekend. David had Sat.-Tues. off thanks to Veteran's Day.
We did a lot of nothing! :) Just relaxed and spent lots of time together...
Had waffles on Veteran's Day...
I finished up a knitting project...etc.

Thanks to all of those who serve, now and previously.
We can thank you for the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA.
I am especially grateful to all of my family who has served...
My Dad (US Navy)
My Brother (US Navy)
My Brothers-in-Law (US Navy & US Army)
My Grandaddy (US Army Korean War)
Many friends...a few who were or are currently deployed to Iraq...
...and last but most certainly not least
...My husband. (I LOVE YOU!)


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