Saturday, October 11, 2008


And a little eye candy for knitters:

If you knit (or crochet) and aren't' on Ravelry yet...what are you waiting for??? It's an awesome online community of knitters/crocheters who share patterns, pictures, and tips! If you join, add me to your name is Kale80.
Let me know if you would like the link to download the pattern for the mug cozies!


  1. lovely! i am going to find the time to make some of these - please post the link?

  2. Those are so cool! I wonder if mom would like to do that? you are so talented, I wish I had a little of that in me!

  3. I found the link at your ravelry site. I am excited because I was thinking about asking you about it the last time I seen them in a picture.

  4. see Khris, even these pics you just put on here, like the header pic, and the flowers with the coffee, would be GREAT on the walls of my house! ha aha ha

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I've never seen this before - but it's BRILLIANT! Brilliant!!! I loev the idea, I love the colors, oh my heart...I hardly know what to do with myself I love it so much!!! Def get me that link if it's not too much trouble - or I guess I can just find it at Ravelry...THANKS!!!


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