Friday, June 06, 2008

Camping Photos! FINALLY!

Two weeks ago we had an amazing time camping on the river with great friends.

Here's a link to the album:
2008.05 Camping
If you click the above image it will take you to the whole album which you can view at your own pace. Best viewed with the slideshow option.

Here are a few of my favorites:


  1. I've been anxiously waiting for you to post the camping pictures. Where you were looks absolutely gorgeous!! I can imagine you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing. I love and miss you,

  2. you have such a beautiful family! looks like you had a great time - gorgeous scenery!

  3. Awesome photos - it looked gorgeous there!!! This last shot is my favorite - the girl with the rock - FANTASTIC!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. man it looks like you had such a great time!@ makes me want to go out right now and camp! GREAT pics as usual, you are so talented, I know you probably get sick of hearing that!

  5. Dear Khrista,

    Thank you so much for your photos.
    They make me happy.
    I really want to go there with you all.

    Masako Nezuka

  6. I love these camping photos !! I looked at them quickly the other day in google reader but here I am FINALLY to comment !! I've been a slack blogger this past week !!!

    I love the one of you and G together and I love love love the one of her leaning on her hand reading a book !! That, to me, is a wonderful image of childhood !!

  7. GREAT pics! Makes me anxious for our camping trip(s) this summer (hopefully plural!). And anxious to come visit you guys in AK! :)


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