Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ice Park - Part 1

This was our second year visiting the Ice Park here in Fairbanks. (I see this becoming an annual tradition for us.)
I did not blog the photos from last year, but we visited in the evening to see all the sculptures lit up. We also froze our patooties off! This year we went in the afternoon, and stayed about 2 hours. Gwyneth loves the kids park, and this year they had all kinds of long ice slides built for the kids (and grown-ups) to enjoy!This particular slide was about two stories high! Gwyneth slid down super fast due to her snow pants, and LOVED it! This is don't slide very well in plain old pants, you must wear snow pants to enjoy the full effects!
They also have a maze and fun little houses for the kids to play in, but unfortunately this year was pretty warm and many of these areas were roped off for safety reasons.Scattered throughout the park are these "bowl" like things. Kids get in them and parents twirl them around till they're beyond dizzy. Due to the warm weather, many of them were "glued" to the ground. We did find one that worked and Gwyneth had a blast. These things are heavy and hard to twirl though!
They always have something interactive built. Last year it was a life-size phone booth complete with a phone book attached. This year they had a kayak. David and Gwyneth posed in it for me. Notice the third "person" in the kayak? That's "Flat Stacy." She came all the way from Australia after visiting my friend Bonnie. She is part of a second grade school project. A little girl in Colorado named Jadyn, made "Flat Stacy" and has sent her off to see the world. After visiting us here in Alaska, we sent her off to New Zealand to visit one of Bonnie's friends and her children.

I'll post some of our favorite sculptures in Part 2 soon!


  1. That is so cool! What amazing talent to make all that and how fun that the kids can play on it. Very fun!

  2. Looks like flat Stacy had a great time with you guys !! Those ice sculptures are so cool !! Rory and I were talking the other day about how fun it would be to come visit you guys !!


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