Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ice Skating

Daddy encouraging Gwyneth to come off the wall.

The only shot that came out decent of Gwyneth and I. Some lady walked right in front of David just after this.

I think I can do it...

NOPE! Back to the wall! :o)
She got the hang of it right before we left though.
Fun times! We won't be going back with David for a while. But he could come and watch us. Gwyneth and I will be going back soon. I am even thinking of buying my own skates. Maybe for my birthday! :o)
I searched and searched for photos of me from when I was about 5. I went ice skating for the first time on a date with my sister and her husband (boyfriend at the time.) Believe it or not it was in Hawaii! My sister loved skating...roller, ice etc. She thought it was the cutest thing that I did a twirl on the ice. I see the picture in my mind. I wish I had it!

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  1. Oh! You got some really wonderful shots! I miss doing things like ice skating. I used to be okay at it. :) The kids prefer to skateboard or roller blade. They hardly ever ride bikes these days either. I remember when we went ice skating in Japan. Thank goodness for memories :)


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