Thursday, January 03, 2008


Rachel posted some pictures of Baby Emma on her blog! See them *Here*
She's beautiful!
And my baby brother looks so grown up holding this sweet little bundle!

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  1. I saw the photos on Rach's site this morning ! So sweet ! I love the one of Jacob holding Emma ... so precious !

    In answer to your question about the camera settings on my point and shoot for that flower photo. I changed the exposure and turned the flash off. That's it. I hope to get a digital SLR this year. Any insight into the best one to get ?? We are hoping to do an around the world trip this time next year and would want it for that ! So ... I've got time to look and research and find what I really want. Of course, you are my photography/camera info HERO so give me all your insight !! :)

    Maybe I should have sent you an email instead of a comment ! Oh well ... it's done now ! :)


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