Monday, December 17, 2007

airing our dirty laundry

Talking to my sister Rachel today she told me I would be shocked if I walked into her laundry room! She just received her Christmas present from me so she said she'd take a picture to show me...I added "With your new lens!"I told her that my laundry was stacked up too so we agreed to both post pictures of our dirty laundry! Maybe we will provide some consolation to all you women who know just how bad it can get!
No Martha Stewart here!
We challenge you to do the same! If you do post pictures, be sure to let us know!

Part of the reason that I procrastinate when it comes to laundry is because I hang all our laundry to dry. With the exception of sheets and towels. (I do not have the luxury of warm sunny afternoons to hang my laundry out in the backyard. When we do own a house someday that is on my list of must-haves, a clothes line out back, along with a veggie/flower garden of my very own! I have chosen to hang our clothing to dry to offset our electricity bill a bit, as it can get pretty high in the winter with all the lights we have to use due to less daylight hours. Plus I'm saving the environment one kWh at a time! (The dryer is one of the worst energy consumers!) I originally bought this drying rack when we first arrived here in Alaska to hang our mittens and coats on after fun in the snow. I used it that way maybe twice and it now permanently resides in Gwyneth's bathroom.

In the photo below you can see how I installed another shower curtain rod just for the purpose of hanging clothes. I just open the curtain on the rod that was originally there, and hang clothes on that one and my "extra" one. When laundry is done I store our drying rack in the tub, (we all use the master bathroom for our showers) and close the curtain and no one is none-the-wiser!


  1. This is hilarious ! I love it ! I've gone round and taken my laundry photos ... you'll understand why I had to "go round" once you see my post. I'll try to get it up today but it might have to wait til tomorrow !!

  2. Love the additional photos !! A girl with ingenuity and systems - that's what I like to see !!! :)


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