Saturday, November 17, 2007

sad today...

Today I am sad.
I had my first car accident.
I've been driving 11 years.

I am sad that my car is broken.
But I am thankful that the only damage was to my car and a street sign.
No one was hurt.

The roads are snowy and slick today.
I was on my way to go help out at "church clean up day," via a coffee drive thru.
I didn't make it to either.
Tried to make a right turn and kept on going straight. (My front wheels locked and would not turn right because of the slick road.)
Headed right for a truck.
Thank God I was finally able to turn right, but not without taking down a street sign in the process. I remember seeing the sign and thinking, "I'd much rather hit that, than the truck." The sign finally stopped me from sliding, but landed me in the wrong lane facing on-coming traffic. I was able to turn around before causing anymore damage.
Gwyneth was with me.
It scared her quite a bit. So much, that when Daddy came to be with us while I filed the police report, she opted to ride home with him. :o(

The bumper pushed into the radiator, so we're not sure how extensive the repairs will be. I pray it is a quick and easy fix.


  1. I'm sorry you had an accident, but thankful you are both ok! Trust me, I know how scary it is!
    And slick roads are one of the main reasons I would opt to hibernate through winter if possible! :) I am praying that the repairs will be minimal. Love ya!

  2. I am thankful that you are both okay. That out of control feeling with a car on icy pavement is not a good feeling at all.
    Take care.

  3. Oh no! Glad you are ok.. stay off those snowy roads! lol

  4. Oh man !! I had driving on ice. Guess you don't have much choice in Alaska !! That holiday to Australia must be sounding pretty good right about now !!! Don't stay sad for too long ! Love you ! Bon

  5. Khrista,

    I am so thankful you and Gwenyth are O.K. and no one else was involved. I, too, will be praying the repairs are quick and easy. I also "ditto" what Bonnie said: "don't stay sad for too long!"

    I love and miss you,

    Dad :-)


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