Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have the worst cold...ick...I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I had swallowed a million nails. Hindsight, I should have known it was coming. I was feeling really "off" Monday and Tuesday. But not like this. It came on hard and fast!
So if I don't answer the phone, you know why. I can hardly talk it hurts so much! I sound like a frog!
Gwyneth's school books arrived, so my weekend is going to be filled with scheduling that!
I love the curriculum! It's laid out in detail for me. Not much planning on my part. It has lesson plans and everything! Our school schedule should be Mon.-Fri. 9am-12:30pm. It was so cute when the UPS man dropped off the books. Gwyneth was so excited and wanted to tear the package open immediately! I remember those days! When I was in homeschool I was always just as excited! New books for school, new schedule, new pencils, erasers, folders...anyone remember Trapper Keepers? I wonder if they still make those! I loved those!
Tonight is Pizza Night! Yipee! I hope my tastebuds perk up! Have a great weekend!

P.S. My signature was inspired by my friend Bonnie. It is my actual signature! Neat-o!


  1. I LOVED Trapper-Keepers !!! They were the best ! ha.

    Cool signature. I thought about doing my actual signature too but mine is TOO BORING !! ha ha.

    I just got a whole bunch of comments from you on my blog this morning ! They've been coming in while I've been sitting here ! I was so excited each time another one came in ! I've missed you !! :)

    PS ... have you noticed that on my blog that we've been doing Friday night pizza nights ? Inspired by YOU !!!

  2. oooohhhhhhh... makes me want to go back to school. i love new text books, notebooks, new pens & pencils... i could be a student forever. :) have fun!!


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