Monday, July 23, 2007

Rubber Duckie Race-Golden Days

This past week Fairbanks celebrated Golden Days.Golden Days began as a way of collectively honoring Fairbanks’ past. It is when they celebrate the discovery of gold by Felix Pedro in 1902. We did not go to any events except the rubber duckie race. The Chamber of Commerce sells tickets for this "game" and nearly 6000 rubber duckies are dumped into the Chena River. The owner of the housing area we live in bought tickets for each tenant here. We did not win, or even make it into the top 30. (Not surprising.)
We went for the novelty. Where else would you be able to see 6000 yellow rubber duckies floating down river?!

Lately this is the only way I am able to photograph Gwyneth. Such a booger!
Waiting to see those first rubber duckies!

I just love going to different city's downtown areas! There's always something interesting to look at. I loved the old time neon sign, the old time lady painted on the building, the old car, and the man walking beside it in his old time get-up.

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  1. How cool ! 6000 rubber duckies !! I definately think I need to come visit you guys while you are in Alaska ! How long will you be there ? What are the summer months ? Same as mainland USA ? (don't laugh at my ignorance !!)


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