Friday, May 11, 2007


Since the weather has warmed up a bit lately we've been taking more walks. We are blessed to live in a housing area that has a lot of sidewalk, and trails. The pictures a couple posts down were taken in a part of the trail that is fairly wooded. We love the fresh air and blue skies. We don't get too hot yet either. Such a change from Texas! I am loving the cooler weather, and the extended daylight!
I love the blue sky in the above snapshot. I actually took the shot to show you all down south the fire hydrant. Notice the steel rod extending from the top? That's so the firefighters can find the hydrant if the snow gets to be over six feet deep or so. Bizarre! (For a bunch of down southers' like us! ha!)
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Pizza Night, and maybe a good movie! If I'm not back here before it's over, have an AWESOME weekend everyone!

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  1. Call me ignorant but I thought there would always be snow on the ground in Alaska ! Hmm ... I also thought there would be kangaroos hopping around downtown Sydney too ! ha ha. Perceptions, eh ?!


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