Saturday, May 12, 2007

It was rainy and cold (38°) today up until now. It is 8:40 PM and the sun is shining bright and beautifully! After gymnastics we took a walk through a local nursery. We saw some amazingly beautiful plants. The flowers in the photo above happened to be my favorite. We came home with three 3" pots!
Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there who are currently, have been, and will be mothers! It is the most amazing privilege! God has blessed me with an incredibly bright, creative, energetic, and loving little girl! I would not trade it for the world!


  1. Oh, good, you're back! :) I've missed you! Sorry to hear about the financial situation and you guys not being able to get back for Jacob's wedding. I'm sure that is tough, but you seem to have a pretty good attitude about it. God will work it out if He wants you there, and if not, He has other plans for you this summer! :) Sounds like you are staying plenty busy... I can't believe you have so much daylight! I think I would have trouble sleeping too. Have a very Happy Mother's Day! Talk to you soon!! Love ya!

  2. That is SUCH a pretty picture!
    I totally love it!
    We miss ya'll!

  3. What pretty flowers !

    I thought of you tonight ... I made my kids inari sushi for dinner ! Cracks me up that you only like that kind of sushi !!

    Love, Bon


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